Our Story


Jasmine Alania

Working in the spa industry for about three years, I fell in love with skincare. It wasn’t until I realized I have no clue what the ingredients are that I’m actually putting on my face that I knew I wanted to have my own all-natural skincare line. 2017 was when I actually came up with my skincare products. I was a hardcore vegetarian at the time for about eight months then converted to pescatarian. I wrote down my formulas for my skincare on my computer and I just told myself one day I would have my own skincare line. The year of 2019, I realized if I don’t make it happen, I will be waiting forever. I always told myself I wanted to get my esthetician license first then start my skincare line because I believed I needed all this money to get started so I kept pushing off my plans but soon, I would realize God had other plans for me. I had recently quit my job due to not feeling as though I was getting my worth but getting overworked and a few months later, I started Alania Beauty. I didn’t become a full-time entrepreneur until a few days shy of my 24th birthday this year in June. It was honestly a shock for me when I started my skincare line still to this day, coming up on our anniversary on September 2nd, it still seems unreal. Now I am living my dream full-time entrepreneur and I've started school to achieve my esthetician license so I can continue doing what I love, which is making people feel confident in their skin.